Precision offers an extensive range of services to remote operations:

  • Catering Services
  • Accommodation and Camp Management
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Camp Rental
  • Camp Design & Installation

Precision has always provided an efficient, cost effective, quality catering service to remote sites. Due to demand Precision has now developed a “one stop shop” for complete village installation. We have the experience and expertise to offer first class catering services and the project management and construction services necessary to undertake a full camp installation.

Together we will work through the design and installation phases of your new site; plan every detail of your operation from the development and delivery of food service to satisfy a myriad of requirements, to quality cleaning and housekeeping, that intelligently combined and managed will help create an attractive, safe and enjoyable living environment for your workforce.

camp installations

Precision specialises in the planning, development and installation of purpose built mine site accommodation and village facilities for remote locations. Camp sizes can vary from small exploration camps to modern vibrant villages. No camp installation is too small or too large.

We offer design and project management services in compliance with mandatory standards for complete village installation including electrical connection, IT and communications, plumbing and drainage, civil works and landscaping.

catering services

We never underestimate the importance of good food. To achieve this you need both quality ingredients and quality chefs.

Our professionally trained chefs, and their assistants, know the crucial role they play in creating fresh familiar meals for your staff – meals as good, if not better, than they get at home. We are experienced in providing interesting and healthy menus to satisfy a wide range of tastes and medical, religious and ethical considerations. We take great pride in the quality of all the ingredients we source for our catering staff.

At Precision we are always happy to work on new and innovative solutions to ensure a happy, well-fed, workforce.

camp maintenance

Precision continues its commitment and care through a comprehensive maintenance programme. This includes statutory checks and recording of electrical and fire fighting equipment and ongoing refurbishment and maintenance of buildings and equipment.